About Glenda's Kitchen

Our gluten free cookies are made with only the best ingredients, we are certified gluten-free and all of our ingredients that go into our cookies and baked goods are organic, gluten-free and non-GMO. Whether you adhere to a gluten-free lifestyle or not, we bet you'll love our gluten-free cookies!

About Glenda's Gluten Free Cookies

Glenda's Kitchen Gluten Free cookies combine the best of both worlds: delicious and savoury treats, that are both healthy and delicious. Glenda's Kitchen is certified Gluten-Free by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization.

We only use the highest quality ingredients we can find, and are proud to offer our super secret gluten-free recipe in a number of flavors (some were even invented by our fans!) including Sofia's Dark Chocolate Chip, Carmen's Chipless Cookie, Baby Deanie's Mini Dark Chocolate Chip.

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Why Gluten Free?

It's not just a trend. Learn more about gluten free foods on our About Gluten Free page.

All in the family!

The story behind Glenda's Kitchen and our gluten free cookies!

Try us! If you know what's good for you!

Meet the Owner

Carmen Petruzzelli started Glenda's Kitchen with her mothers recipe in May of 2014. Coming from a background in fashion & design, Carmen always had a love for baking!

The original recipe came about when Carmen's sister Sofia had to eat a Gluten-Free diet due to dietary restrictions. Her mother came up with the secret recipe that tasted great and was completely gluten free. After friends and family started asking for batches of cookies of there own, Glenda's Kitchen was born.

The company is named in honor of her mother and all the cookies are named for family members that enjoy them so much.

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About Non-GMO

Genetically modified organisms are plants that have had their DNA or genetic material artificially altered from their natural form. People have not been doing this forever, while they may be safe, there is not yet sufficient evidence to prove that consuming GMO products or ingredients are healthy and safe.

GMOs and products that contain them as ingredients are developed by big, multinational corporations that have previously released products as "safe" only to be later found to be dangerous for human consumption.

They aren't concerned about your health, but we are. That's why all of our ingredients are organic and non-GMO.